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Ramadan Activities Day # 5


On day 5 we continued our discussion on wahi , a special messsage from Allah sent down to the Prophets through angel Jinrail ( alaaihissalam). 

Lil Mualliamh's Activities

Haroof File Folder game

Ok so I had printed this out last year I think, from Yemen Links. I used the school theme, but as I don't have a colored printer I didn't want to present it without coloring it first. Alhumdolillah I finally got around to doing it. 

The set up

All matched : 

Lil Mualliamh had seen me coloring it so she was quite excited to play the game we played it in 2 ways in one sitting.

  • random matching of haroof from the pile while naming it
  • pointing to the haroof named (jumbled, no it order)

 I sill have to prompt her for some sounds with a lil sss, ssshhh or something, but she enjoyed playing the game. Alhumdolillah!

Later in the evening I found her playing with it by herself. Alhumdoillah!

One in Arabic is Wahid

Nostalgia time.... I actually used the flash card I had made for Lil Muallim # 1 years ago 

Yup! They are old :) in those days I didn't know about laminating with contact sheet.

Allah is AHAD

A special kind of one!

We again reviewed Surah Ikhlas and this time I started to introduce the meaning too. 

Lil Maulliamh and I made the craft. Today we concentrated on the first Ayah Qul Huwwallaho Ahad Say Allah is One. I discussed that one in arabic is wahid but Allah is Special, He has a special word for One all for Himself, which is.........AHAD !

As usual she chose the colourss by herself and did the sticking herself too. She just needed help with the tiny star stickers they are very tricky to hold. So I made marks with a pencil to show where the stickers could go and and held the sticker. She pointed to each mark and I placed my hand near it, she then pressed on to the stickers . Without my help she was ready to give up on the stickers after asking for them.
As I was completely hands on with her I couldn't take pictures of the steps. But its quite easy ... Take a look .....

Alhumdolillah I love the way it turned out!

Allah said READ so let's read

Activity Bag day 5

I have always used sight word method, for common words, and had been wanting to do that for some surah's too. I finally made the flash cards for Surah Ikhlaas. I didnt make one card per word more like one per joint phrase. For now I only introduced the following...... 

Ramadan Vocabulary Coloring

For these printable go to Ramadan Vocabulary printables



As all reading activitiees were related to the concept that Allah wants us to READ and UNDERSTAND Quran I showed her these. She looked at them closely for size.

And my favourite.......

It's not in Uthmani script which I prefer but I love reading from this Quran as it is my Mom's. May Allah give her health and protect and preserve her Ameen  As a child I always loved the way it smelled and it's colorful pages.........see for yourself.......

To imagine in the olden times calligraphers used to print the whole Quran ever so beautifully and artistically by their own hands. Subhanallah! 

I also showed her this printed copy of a beautiful handwritten one, which my friend had given to me as a gift Mashallah!


I simply love the calligraphy and the different designs painted at the end of each ayah Subhanllah! 

Lil Muallim # 2's Activities

The 1st Wahi

We continued our discussion of the 1st wahi and Lil Muallim # 2  read the translation of the first 5 ayahs that were revealed to our dear Prophet Muhammad 

I discussed with him what each verse meant and showed him pictures of leech and alaq and how Subhanallah wa ta Allah makes the baby grow in Mommy's pouch from the basic shape of the alaq. 

I stressed that Allah pointed out 5 things in the first revelation so we are going to write them in a 5 pointed star. I really wanted him write the whole translation and not just the point. I know he doensn't like it at all if his writing doesn't fit in the way he wants. I didnt wantto take the pleasure out of teh activity so I asked him if he would liek to tyoe it? His eyes just lit up? can I? aIt will then fit in teh sstar? Then it will comw out on a print out> I wwant to do it I want to ddo it! Alhumdolillah! So that's what he did. 

Later he turned into a simple craft using golden glitter glue...after all these are Allah's words. :)

 Ofcourse Lil Muallimah wanted her own star too so I quickly made a simple drawing for her so she could understand what Allah said for her.......

This is what I said to her to explain each picture at her level. "Read in the name of your Rabb who you created you, (Allah made you right?) He created you from this tiny shape, (When you were a tiny baby in mommys pouch) He is Al Akram (for he showers you with his blessings), He taught you by the pen (because you learn from books) and He teaches you what you didn't know.....:)"
She Mashallah listened very carefully and nodded seriously every time  Alhumdolillah! :)

Later on Lil Muallim # 2 made the shape with flour dough (didn't have time to follow the play dough recipe :) )


Oh Allah please help me purify my heart and my families as we strive to read, understand and implement in our lives your commands....... Ameen

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