Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ramadan Activity Bags


These bags are part of our Ramadan Bulletin Board set up in our Homeschool room. I actually got this idea from a friend, and tweaked it around to fit our home and my Lil Maullims :) 

First off I wrote the numbers freehand with a permanent marker and had Lil Mualliamh paint all the numbers as she liked.

Then I re traced the numbers to make them prominent.

Next Lil Maullim # 2 and Lil Mualliamh used our Ramadan stamps to decorate the bags with a heart crescent and a masjid. The stamps are made out 3 foam pieces in a particular shape stuck onto a cardboard piece. I used liquid glue to cover the cardboard areto protect it from wet paint. I got the idea from a Muslim Child is Born.

I couldn't take pictures of them doing it as both my hands were busy helping them out. Once they got it they were busy with this for a long time and then I  forgot to take a picture! :)

Here's what all the bags looked like in the end

Next I made outlines for the stamped shapes too .

Finally we hung them onto a string with wooden pegs waiting to be picked up on each respective day.

As you can see there are 30 bags for each day of Ramadan. Each bag will hold an activity or craft material for that days craft.  As my Lil Muallims will be excited to find out whats in there I hope to go through the Arabic numbers with them too Inshallah :)

Here are some of the sample activities....I hope to make the rest as I go Inshallah

Ramadan Arabic Puzzle

Hilal Sizes

Lil Mualliamh and Lil Muallim # 2 just love the bags on the wall and like taking out the activities and doing them. Once Lil Maullim # 2 is done he asks if he could teach it to Lil Muallimah. 

The activities are mostly done at the Ramadan Activity Center (Lil Muallimah's table) especially placed under the Ramadan bulletin board. and took care of that himself Mashallah! Honestly speaking they are enjoying the special ramadan title for the table. :)

Infact Lil maullim # 2 even said "Leave these activity bags here even after Ramadan!"

Praying to Allah to make these activities not only fun but beneficial learning for my Lil Maullims Ameen

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