Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ramadan Activities Day # 14


Lil Muallimah's Activities

Ramadan Vocabulary Words

It's a common discussion and reminder in our home , how Shaitaan whispers ideas in our minds and it's our choice to listen to him or not. How to seek Allah's protection from Shaitaan the cursed. So today we did a more formal lesson on that.

We also reviewed what we should say to make Shaitan go away... Lil Muallimah couldn't read the text but really enjoyed and got the message by the simple facial expressions in the worksheet below.

Besides this I also did another related activity which I will discuss in detail in Lil Muallim # 2's section.

To further enhance the concept that all our good and bad deeds are recorded..(something we've been discussing for the past few weeks) I made Lil Muallimah do the following worksheet and also tied it in with the concept of ithnan (two) Two angels sit on each on our shoulder and write down all we do.

So which angel do we want to do most of the writing? The one on our right ofcourse!!!!

Ramadan Activity Bag Day # 14

Activity bag # 14 actually held the craft of the day..... Seeking Allah protection from Shaitaan at night. I had the cut outs ready in the bag Lil mualliamh and I appliedglue and stuck them on  cardboard and then Lil Mualliamh decorated it with our crescent and star stamps for night sky.

For now we will hang this craft on our Ramadan craft wall. Later it will be stuck up above Lil Muallimahs bed Inshallah!

Lil Muallimah's Activities

Shaitaans Tricks

I did a little play acting in front of the kids and pretended to interview Shaitaan on how his story of disobedience and how he attacks us. I remembered this activity from a play some mothers had done back home for an Islamic Class. My Lil Muallims thoroughly enjoyed their Mom acting and making weird sounds and expressions. They even asked for a repeat performance so I actually ended up doing it twice. Lil Muallimah wanted me do it again later in the evening but I obliged with another story instead :)

Some of Shaitaans tricks discussed were:
  • making us think we want to eat more, when we can't we end up leaving it on our plate and feeding Shaitaan.. Astaghfirullah!
  • not listening to our parents... Astaghfirullah !
  • not sharing and fighting with our siblings ...Astaghfirullah!
  • distracting us in Salah.... Astaghfirullah!
  • making us forget our night adhkar so we have bad dreams... Astaghfirullah!
  • making us waste our time is useless activities, making us feel how fun they are.... Astaghfirullah!
  • making us feel anger.. Astaghfirullah! (this ones for me too!!! ASTAGHFIRULLAH!)
I also discussed that he keeps changing his tricks and attacks us in different ways so we can't always figure it out. But if we know how to make him run away... we can protect ourselves.

So how can we make him run away?
We reviewed redaing Tauz (Auzu billahi miashaitanir rajeem) with Lil Muallimah and the bigger dua with Lil Muallim # 2... (Rabbi auzubika min hamazat i shayateeni..................). Something I need to review and remember to read too.....:):):):)

A rusty heart vs a shiny heart

I discussed the following hadith with Lil Muallim # 2. 

Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihi Wasallam said:

"The heart becomes rusty like iron in water."
when asked how to stop this corrosion Rasulallah Sallallaho Alaihi wasallam said
"Remember to recite the Quran."

And Lil Muallim # 2 made the following craft and wrote down the points on his own........accept the last three words :):)

The red heart is actually made of shiny red card stock giving it  metallic which Lil Muallim # 2 loved.


"O Allah help us purify our hearts and protect us from the cursed Shaitan.....Ameen"


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