Friday, September 7, 2012

3 Finger grasp and Transferring

Fine Motor Skills 

As I have learnt ...the three finger grasp helps children develop the correct finger position and fine motor skill for holding any writing, drawing tool like pencil, crayon or brush.

Three finger grip Tub # 1

Learnt this idea from a Montessori trained friend of mine. This one is a sure shot hit as kids love touching and feeling pom pom balls. I put some big pom pom balls in a bowl. As I am pressed for space on my shelves I placed the filled bowl in an empty bowl and put both on a dish. When Lil Muallimah is ready for this activity she can simple bring the tub to her table. Take out the bowls and place them next to each other. Next she has to put the pom pom balls into the empty bowl one by one using only three finger grip. Once all the balls have been transferred she then has put all the balls back in the first bowl the same way. When done the bowls are placed back in the tub to be kept back in the shelf. Yayy!!!

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