Friday, September 7, 2012

Color Matching 3

Colors Words Recognition

While I was reorganizing some drawers and getting rid of my clutter I found some odds and ends and decided to make an activity out of then unstead of throwing them This brought me to  make our color sorting basket. Now this basket is loaded with bottle caps, marker caps, bands, beads and just about anything  that could easily go in the trash bin. I made sure whatever I kept was in one solid color even if it was a different shade of a particular color. 

We are using the same color name cards for this activity as in our previous color recognition activity.

Here's how it goes. Lil Muallimah sets out the color name cards (initially only 2 -3  color names) then picks out objects from the basket one by one and matches the object color with the color name. When she finds the match she places the object under the color name card. Theres lot's of concentration, self correction and sense of accomplishment in this activity. 

As for the objects to use just make a small box for small odds and ends in the house and collect them instead of throwing them and make a simple and exciting activity out of trash. How cool is that?

If working with smaller kids start with basic primary colors. You will find this short video very informative, where she tells that Maria Montessori initially made this activity with spools of thread... Now why didn't I think of that?

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