Friday, September 7, 2012

DIY Smelling Bottles

Sense of smell: Smelling bottle

Got to love this one! You could pretty much use any bottles for this, with screw caps or flip tops, where the child can open the bottle and smell the scent. Or like I saw an idea on another blog where, the lady used baby food jars and simply hammered in 5 holes at the top. But I liked the idea of using salt pepper shakers the best.

I bought 3 packs of 2 pairs of salt and pepper shakers for a $1.25 at the $ store. This gave me 6 pairs to work with.

To make the smelling bottles you simply have to make pairs of bottles with the same scent, one in the salt shaker the other in the pepper shaker. This helps in pairing and identifying the pairs. For scent you can use flavor essence or fragrance oils, ittar, pot pouri or dry spices.

I used:

  1.  coffee beans (I picked up a few that were scattered on the shelf in the grocery store under the coffee bean holders). 
  2. Vanilla essence 1/4th teaspoon dropped onto a cotton ball, 
  3. chocolate (1/2 teaspoon of strong cocoa and water mixture),
  4. cinnamon sticks, 
  5. ummi's perfume (wild honeysuckle scent) 
  6. abi's ittar. 
Be careful when putting in the smells not to touch another bottle with hands smelling of the prvious sent especially the ittar

I placed one of each pair in a different colored tub, and we were ready to roll. 

I showed Lil Muallimah how to sniff one bottle from a tub and then put it aside. Then try to find a matching pair  form the other tub. If the one you picked is not a match put it aside, not back in the tub. 
If you think you have  a match sniff both bottles again one by one to make sure.



To renew the smells, the bottles must be washed well and left in sun for some time to enusre no previous smells linger.

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