Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scare the Pepper


A friend gave us this lil experiment kit, with simple easy to do experiments. The other day I made Lil Muallimah to do this, right after breakfast.

Here's what you need

  • Black pepper powder
  • Dish liquid soap
  • a bowl
  • a utensil to pour water
  • a toothpick

We used utensils from our kit

Pour water in the bowl and sprinkle lots of black pepper powder over it

Finally dip a toothpick tip covered with dish washing liquid in the middle of the bowl and watch the pepper closely........ rushes to the sides! Subhanallah! She repeated this experiment and tried out a few other things, while her brothers gave their own guesses. What's your guess ? WHy don't you try and find out ?

Red Chillie Pepper

Whole black pepper

She also tried salt and sugar. What else can you suggest ?

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