Friday, September 7, 2012

Dry Pouring 1

Dry Pouring

We also tried dry pouring, with lentils. Loved it. Dry pouring is actually better introduced before wet pouring. For children with less developed motor skills large beans are even better. When my older one was small he really used to enjoy pouring the beans.

Dry pouring can be done with or without the funnel. 

This activity not only helps in bringing stability and strength to their hand and arm muscles but also teaches patience. They learn by trial and error that:
  1.  if they pour too fast the funnel tube gets clogged and then they have to either gently tap the funnel a couple of times without spilling or unclog it with something thin :) (like a coffee stirrer)   
  2. pouring gently and slowly, controlling the tilt of the jug makes the transfer easy with no road blocks (meaning funnel clogs :))

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