Friday, September 7, 2012

Beading Caterpillars

Beading Caterpillars

Beading is always an all time favorite for kids and moms alike. For this one I simply got colored wooden beads and a pipe cleaner. It prevents the beads from sliding down. An alternate can be a thin shoe lace pack from the $ store. Voila! Beading activity. This one works wonderfully with boys too. Lot's of concentration. :) 

You will notice rounded end on one side of the pipe cleaner. It is actually supposed to be a head of a caterpillar with antennae. Now my surprise factor in this activity was that Lil Muallimah put two beads on the antennae too. That made it look so cute Mashallah. 

If you look carefully you can see, not only did she add these on her own but she also chose the same colored beads too. Infact, there were only two beads of that color in her bowl. I was overjoyed to see her creativity Mashallah! These things can't be suggested they have to come on their own.

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