Friday, September 7, 2012

Color Matching 2

Color Tub # 2

This contains a butterfly colour match game that was part or Lil Muallim # 2's butterfly lapbook. Got these cards from abcteach
These game cards are quite sturdy as I laminating with slef laminating sheets from the $ store. Alhumdolillah!

Now I cut the cards in two different ways. In one the butterfly can be seen inside a white square in the other I cut out on its outlines. In this activity both  piles of butterflies are separated in bundles tied with rubber bands. First she has to take out the bundle with the white square. Take out the rubber band (hand eye coordination) and then spread the cards out onto the table. Next she has to take out the next pile and match the cards as they come. As the 2nd pile has only the outline it is easy to check if the match is correct  as the bottom card can be seen through it too. Alhumdolillah!

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