Friday, September 7, 2012

Spooning 1

Hand Eye Co-ordination

Got to LOVE this one. It's amazing how this activity screams out "HAND EYE COORDINATION".


I took an Ikea kids plate, and on it placed two small cups with liods and spoon. I found these in a pack at our local $ store in baby section. Inside them I placed these cute plastic crystals gaian from the $ stores craft section. I asked Lil Muallimah to choose the colors of the cups and crystals she wanted at the store, but really anything lying around in the house will work.

 Cups with lids also work as another fine motor skill aspect to this activity. Besides they also help prevent toppling over of cups while carrying (even though the carrying of tray also aims balance skills, for now I would like her to be in control with constant encouragements from me while I am doing lessons with the older ones.)
Ok so here's how it goes. Once she brings the plate onto the table, we open the lids and she puts them aside  

. Then she lifts up the spoon and transfers the crystals from one cup to the other. When all have been transferred she then spoons them back into the 1st cup. Places back the spoon, closes the lids and puts the tray back in its place. Oooooooh! I love it!!!

What I especially was thrilled to see was that the first time round she was so keen on spooning it correctly that if any of the crystals fell out onto the table she picked it up with her hands and put it on the spoon......not in the second cup or the first :):):):)

Lil Muallimah on finishing the first transfer: "Yayyy!!!!I did it "

On finishing the whole activity: "This  was fun!!!"

Plus she came back to it after the next activity cause she enjoyed it so much. Alhumdolillah! :She did tweak it a little bit by pouring all the crystals  back and forth by raising the cup and not using the spoon. Well I know that, that had to be another activity but for now I am happy with her innovation. I am sure she will do the spooning too, so I will let her choose.

Yes! she did the spoon the next time and after doing the activity a couple of times within an hour........

Lil Muallimah: "I love my diamonds! Are these diamonds?"
Me: " No they are crystals!"
Lil Muallimah: "OOh CRYSKALS!!!"
Me: :):):):):):)


Lil Muallimah kept coming back to this activity for a year or more. It has been absent from the shelf for some time now. I will be re introducing it again with higher level of challenge now Inshallah


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