Friday, September 7, 2012

Wet Pouring 1


Now this one can be messy at times but the pure pleasure kids get out of it is worth it. Alhumdolillah! 

I got two small measuring cups from the $ store. Lil Muallim # 2 has to fill one cup with fresh water every morning, put the filled inside the empty cup and place it on its plate. (keeping a look out for small trays with raised edges so I can place the cups next to each other.
There is also a small sponge placed on the plate to clean up small spills. 

When Lil Muallimah wants to do this activity she is asked to  take out the filled cup and put it on the side.

She then pours the water into the second cup

She then places the water cup outside the plate and the empty one in the plate and repeats the activity. She continues this back and forth for as long as she wants, cleaning up the spills as she goes. Mashallah!

She also then squeezes the water back into the water cup adding another motor skill and muscle exercise....squeezing.

Now I have to admit this activity doesn't go as smoothly every time. We are working on it...... A bigger tray or a plastic place mat will help, but till I have that, we are still having fun and learning as she keeps repeating teh instructions herself and shows me that she is doing it Alhumdolillah!

Lil Muallimah really enjoys it and keeps saying "This is fun!" 

May Allah help us and our kids benefit from any new skills we learn and enable us to us ethem in His way Ameen 

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